Media and blogger relations

All publicity is good publicity?


Well, not exactly, but I can help ensure that your good news gets the headlines they deserve in the right media, blogs and online.


Editorial in targeted publications in print and online means an enhanced reputation for your business. This means people will be much more trusting of your business and more likely to use or buy your products and services.


Today it’s not just about printed newspapers and magazines. It's about online media, bloggers and social media.


I work with independent bloggers, writers and journalists as well as mainstream online news and print outlets.


Your staff might also be 'experts' in their field. Why not get them to comment on issues of the day in broadcast, print or digital media? After all, that demonstrates the expertise that your buisness has.


Oh, and if it’s bad publicity, well it needs to be managed accordingly.


I also provide a dedicated Media office for clients. Whether it's completely outsourced to deal with proactive strategies, reactive enquiries or an out-of-hours service to back up your existing team, or that extra bit of help. I'm on hand to help ensure your back and business is covered at all times.

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