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By Owain Betts, Jan 9 2014 04:38PM

Welcome to 2014. What will your business be doing this year and why aren't you telling existing or potential customers about these plans?

Communicating with key audiences and target markets is critical to any individual, business or organisation when it comes to its sales and marketing strategy.

Sitting back and waiting for a customer to call just doesnt happen anymore - even to the best businesses.

Become proactive. Tell people about what you do and what you're offering them. Engagement is critical in today's commercial world. Your name and brand should be out there being seen and talked about postively with endorsements from existing customers.

So what wll you be doing in 2014? Still sitting back and sticking ads in the print media, waiting for customers?

Why not think about your communications (PR, media relations and marketing) and how you can grasp new opportunities.

Give me a call and discuss ideas and inspiration for doing something different this year. It'll only cost your time.

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