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Twitter redesign

By Owain Betts, Feb 4 2014 11:44AM

While most people are today focussing on the 10th birthday of the launch of Facebook, it's almost been missed that another mainstream social media channel has undergone a little change.

Twitter has had a bit of a refresh - the web version that is. If you ever use through your PC or Mac then you'll most likely have already seen the change. But if, as most people do, you only use mobile and tablet apps or Tweetdeck and Hootsuite to access Twitter, then I doubt you'll even know.

Twitter has attempted to give its web face a more fresh look. The fonts have changed and the image header has moved. To a certain extent it is much easier to view.

But how many people will actually notice as I suspect the numbers using the web access are very small in comparison to mobiles and tablets?

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